Mae Sot Thailand 2018

In 2018, our Nurse, Tracy, and her husband, Bryan, traveled to Mae Sot, a district in Western Thailand, as part of the TEMP (Trauma and Emergency Management Program). They provided training, support, and essential medical supplies to mobile community-based "backpack" medics. These medics use the training and supplies to provide life-saving care in remote areas of Myanmar (Burma).

Thailand 2016

In 2016 Dr. Tadje and his son Jacob travelled to the border of Thailand and Myanmar.  They worked with Community Partners International and Medical Teams International.  They had the unique experience to collaborate on a several day medical training program, working with medics from the Karen State of Myanmar.

Dominican Republic 2014

In 2014, Dr. Tadje was fortunate to work with a San Diego based surgical team. They traveled to La Romana, Dominican Republic, where they worked at El Buen Samaritano Hospital. They provided surgical care for rural villagers without access to orthopaedic care. They are planning to return in 2016. 

Costa Rica 2012

Dr. Tadje took his son, Chris, to Costa Rica in 2012. Chris volunteered at the pediatric hospital, where he saw a variety of childhood deformities. Dr. Tadje had the opportunity to work with several local orthopaedic surgeons in San Jose. They hosted a symposium on Sports Medicine at the local university, and collaborated on several complex surgeries.