4 Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

: 4 Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

Medical treatments have advanced in leaps and bounds in recent decades, especially those involving surgery. 

Cutting-edge technologies and innovative equipment have transformed the operating room, providing doctors with the tools they need to perform delicate procedures in the least invasive ways. One of these methods involves the arthroscope.

In the past, doctors used the arthroscope as a diagnostic tool. This thin, pencil-like device had a small camera, which allowed surgeons to get a close-up view of a person’s joint without making a large incision. Now, they use the same tool to treat the issues they diagnose at the same time.

Dr. Jared Tadje performs arthroscopic surgery at Tadje Orthopaedics in Meridian, Idaho. In this blog, he shares four key benefits of this minimally invasive technique and why it offers game-changing results in orthropaedic medicine.

Causes less trauma

During a traditional surgery, a surgeon makes one large incision to access the treatment site. An arthroscope, on the other hand, uses small incisions approximately the size of a buttonhole. 

Despite the incision size, we can still perform the same surgical repairs because of the specialized arthroscopic instruments and tiny camera. But the patient sustains far less trauma to muscles and other tissue in the process, which results in better outcomes.

Comes with fewer risks and complications

Smaller incisions and less trauma add up to multiple wins, including fewer surgical risks and complications. 

That’s because they cause less blood loss, scarring, and exposure to infection. In fact, arthroscopic surgery is often safer and easier to tolerate, even for people with higher risks of surgical complications. 

Provides a quicker, less painful recovery

Among the top benefits outlined so far from arthroscopic surgeries is faster recoveries and less pain medication. 

For perspective, some minimally invasive techniques can shorten recovery times to days instead of weeks. Plus, we often perform them as outpatient procedures, so you can go home and start healing the same day.

Treats even the most complex orthopaedic issues

Finally, we can use arthroscopic surgery to diagnose or treat numerous conditions all over your body, including:

We’re a leading orthopedics practice in Meridian, Idaho, with a state-of-the-art clinic, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands possible if you need surgical treatment. 

We have the expertise to treat people of all ages, including children, and we use minimally invasive approaches whenever possible. 

Do you need surgical treatment? Contact us today at Tadje Orthopaedics to schedule an appointment and see if arthroscopic surgery could be right for you.

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