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Stem cell treatments take full advantage of your body’s natural healing processes to help you recover from injury. Jared Tadje, MD, is an experienced general orthopaedic surgeon who is well-versed in innovative stem cell treatments. If you live in or around Meridian, Idaho, and are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy, call Tadje Orthopaedics directly, or request an appointment online today.

Stem Cell Q & A

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are one of the basic cells in the body. They are undifferentiated, meaning that they have not turned into a particular kind of tissue yet. They are “undecided.”  What makes these cells exciting is that they can become virtually any tissue in the body. 

These cells are more abundant in fetuses and in young children, but they do exist in adults.  They are found in bone marrow, fat, and in many other tissues. Many clinics are offering “stem cells” from an amniotic source.  Early research suggests that amniotic tissue actually has a low number of stem cells. 

How are stem cells used at Tadje Orthopaedics?

In our clinic, we withdraw your own bone marrow and isolate the stem cells for this procedure.  If patients prefer, we can alternatively use an amniotic source. 

We have started to use stem cells in areas of tissue injury or inflammation, including arthritis. While there remains much work to be done, early results are promising. The use of stem cells is becoming more common, but unfortunately, insurance does not pay for treatment. While it can be expensive, the early results are very exciting. 

If you’re interested in learning more about stem cell therapy, call Tadje Orthopaedic or request an appointment online at your earliest convenience.