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PRP treatments capitalize on the healing properties of platelets present in your blood. Jared Tadje, MD, is an experienced general orthopaedic surgeon who is well-versed in state-of-the-art PRP treatments. If you live in or around Meridian, Idaho, and are interested in learning more about PRP treatments, call Tadje Orthopaedics or request a consultation online today.


What is PRP?

PRP has been around for a few decades, but it has recently had an increase in popularity, partly due to its use by professional athletes. Platelets are cells in the blood that are involved in clotting.  When they are exposed to an injury or removed from the body, they become “activated,” and they release chemicals that help with healing. So far, over 30 proteins have been identified in this process. 

PRP is obtained by drawing blood, then placing it in a centrifuge for a few minutes. The platelets are then separated from the rest of the blood and injected into the area of concern. 

How are PRP treatments used at Tadje Orthopaedics?

PRP is being used for a variety of conditions in orthopedics, including tendonitis, arthritis, fracture healing, tendon healing, and many others. The use of PRP is widespread, but unfortunately, insurance does not pay for treatment. While it can be expensive, the early results are very promising. 

If you’re interested in learning more about stem cell therapy or the PRP treatments offered at Tadje Orhtopaedics, call the office, or request an appointment online today.