Can Sports Medicine Get Me Back in the Game Faster?

Can Sports Medicine Get Me Back in the Game Faster?

While it can be nice to spend some time on the couch once in a while, it can seem unbearable when it’s due to an injury — especially if it’s keeping you from an activity you love. 

Unfortunately, this can also push many athletes to jump back in the game before they fully heal, putting them at risk of reinjury and longer recovery times.

But there’s a better way, and you don’t have to wait for an injury to get started. 

At Tadje Orthopaedics in Meridian, Idaho, you can find the specialized care you need as an athlete to prevent injury or heal faster when one occurs. That’s because Dr. Jared Tadje is more than a talented orthopaedic surgeon; he also has a fellowship in sports medicine

This specialized training gave Dr. Tadje a unique advantage — the opportunity to work with Big Ten athletes across multiple sports, including basketball, football, and hockey.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend warrior, here’s how Dr. Tadje and sports medicine can help get you back in the game faster and injury-free.

The importance of sports medicine

It may seem like an injury is just an injury. But when you sustain damage to your body while engaging in any type of physical activity, like exercising or sports, seeking expert care can offer numerous benefits.

Health care providers with sports medicine training, like Dr. Tadje, focus on keeping active people safe and in peak condition. That means they need additional skills in physical fitness, treatment, and prevention of injuries that can occur in response to sports and exercise.

Common sports-related injuries include:

These injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, from overtraining and repetitive movements to traumatic moments, like collisions. They can also be acute problems or turn into chronic issues.

In an ideal world, an athlete would work with a sports medicine expert before sustaining a sports-related injury. This approach ensures you engage in physical activity with injury prevention in mind. 

For example, a sports medicine expert can help you practice good nutrition, use ideal body mechanics for your sport, and follow a healthy training program to avoid unnecessary strain.

But sports medicine can also give you the care you need for a sports-related injury, and Dr. Tadje can help reduce your chances of reinjury.

How sports medicine can help your recovery

As you can imagine, there are a staggering number of sports injuries, and they can each vary in severity. Despite this, they usually have one thing in common — the need for the injured to rest and recover. And, depending on your injury, that can take anywhere from a few days to weeks, months, or even a year. 

That’s why you want Dr. Tadje on your side.

With his skill in sports medicine, Dr. Tadje can create a personalized treatment strategy that supports your recovery and helps you regain the strength you need to prevent future issues. For optimal results, your treatment might include:

And if you need surgery, Dr. Tadje relies on minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. These treatments use smaller incisions, an approach that comes with less pain, fewer chances of complications, and faster recovery times.

Whether you need operative or nonoperative treatment for your sports-related injury, you can rest easy knowing that Dr. Tadje can provide the care you need to resume your active lifestyle as quickly as possible. 

Do you have a sports-related injury? See how Dr. Tadje can help restore strength, function, and stability to the site so you have the confidence to get back in the game — injury-free. Contact Tadje Orthopaedics in Meridian, Idaho, to schedule a consultation today.

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