What Is Biologic Therapy?

When pain or dysfunction strikes, it’s only natural to think you need a doctor to fix the problem, either through surgery, joint replacement, or prescription medications. But what if your body already has the tools to repair the damage itself? 

That’s the general idea behind orthobiologic therapies. These treatments use substances derived from biologic — or natural — sources because of their therapeutic properties.

At Tadje Orthopaedics in Meridian, Idaho, Dr. Jared Tadje offers orthobiologic treatments that rely on stem cells. These cells can become virtually any type of tissue in the body, making them a highly valuable therapeutic substance. 

If you have a pain condition, whether it’s a sports injury, arthritis, or bone fracture, here’s what you should know about orthobiologics and biologic therapy.

Orthobiologics and biologics

As mentioned above, orthobiologic treatments come from biologic substances with therapeutic properties. You can find these valuable substances in numerous natural sources, from microorganisms to animals and humans. Each substance can offer specific therapeutic benefits.

One specific example of biologics in action involves orthobiologic stem cell treatments. These cells occur throughout the body, from fat tissue to bone marrow. They differ from other cells because they’re undecided. 

Basically, they can become different types of tissue — like cartilage, bone, ligament, and tendon — so they can repair damage almost anywhere they get introduced.

Conditions that respond positively to orthobiologic stem cell treatments include:

Orthobiologic therapies can also support the healing process after surgery.

How orthobiologic treatments work

Orthobiologic stem cell treatments start with harvesting the stem cells, either from your hip bone or fat tissue. Then our team concentrates your sample into a therapeutic injection. We also offer the option of purchasing orthobiologic treatments before your appointment.

After preparing your sample, Dr. Tadje injects it directly into your pain site. Don’t worry; he also administers local numbing agents to keep you comfortable at this stage of treatment. And that’s it. 

You can go home right away, but you shouldn’t expect immediate results. In fact, you may have minor tenderness and discomfort where you receive your injection.

Instead, orthobiologic therapy activates the healing process. As healthy new cells return to the treatment site, they naturally reduce pain and inflammation while restoring function in the area. 

Over the days to come, you can expect to see changes in the area. In most cases, maximum benefits occur within about a month.

And orthobiologic stem cell treatments come with an added bonus. They usually have fewer side effects than other medical interventions, and they can even delay the need for surgery.

Are you curious to see if biologic therapies like orthobiologic stem cell treatments are right for you? Contact us at Tadje Orthopaedics to schedule a consultation today.

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